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Now, with torch in hand
through doorways hidden,
I search and seek
mysterious dimensions
of labyrinths and ancient myths.
I visit magickal secret gateways
where unicorns and faeries play
in glorious bewitching matrix arrayed.
I study cryptic clues on scrolls and stones,
and know their ciphers are for me alone.
Though now I quest these in my dreams,
a time shall come at last when I
will ride that chariot in the sky,
and chase enchanting pathways that traverse
North of stargates, Northwest of the multiverse.

©2010 Jeanne Baker


AUGUST 13, 2020

I tried to post the following on the compromised Facebook, unfortunately, compromised Facebook said it did not meet its "Community whatever". FOOLS!!! So, I am posting the following here. Besides, one of these days, the music really is going to die, sadly. What follows is very important information all should read because the time is short. Thank you.

There is a Disturbance in the Force

Thoughts. . .The rioters [POD PEOPLE] who want to destroy our country and its Honorable history, for yes, it is HONORABLE, need to take heed of what is said here. Yes, there was slavery in a long ago past, but at the same time there were always those in our country who opposed it! In the last century, many laws were enacted to help remediate many of the inequities.

Never forget our great and brave veterans of ALL races, who fought for our freedoms, some giving their last full measure to secure them for us! When you evil maggots burn the USA flag, you dishonor them, but that is what you are all about isn’t it?…no honor, no integrity, no respect, no sense, just destruction. You are being used and you don’t even know it.

America used to be called a “Melting Pot” of different races and cultures. We should embrace the good that different cultures bring, such as, food, arts, music, and storytelling instead of bitching about them and resenting them. Of course, maybe we don’t see the good on T.V., movies, and advertisements anymore because that would run contrary to the demonic Marxists’ agenda that controls Hollywood, MS news, liberal newspapers and many of our educational institutions. They would not want everyone happy, getting along and learning good things about each other! The Marxists and others with evil objectives do not want everyone working together for the betterment of our great nation. No wonder the Satanists balk at having the Ten Commandments in schools and visually available because they want corrupted individuals and organized groups stealing, pillaging, murdering and coveting other people’s property. All of which they will pay for with their souls.

When we returned from our five years overseas as expats, I could not believe how “dumbed–down America seems to have become. Commercials on television are, well, meaner. For instance, the Allstate commercial where some guy called, “Mayhem” does wicked things and then tells people to call said insurance agency for a policy. I personally had a dreadful experience with Allstate in the late 1980’s, so I am not surprised they got even more diabolical. Good manners, respect, and civility seems to have been forgotten or replaced with sleazy politicians, corrupt companies, and demonic behavior. Churches appear to be heading in a different direction, that is, more for themselves than for the glory of God. Fortunately, mine is not. Needless to say, you get my drift, there just seems to be a subtle sordid conscience permeating society. Frankly, I believe it is intentional.

Currently, an odoriferous EVIL pervades some cities and minds that carry with it a kind of Inquisition. These misguided demons who commit moral turpitude want to remove our freedoms, and history, certainly honor, and try to inflict on the rest of us the fears of a totalitarian state with state controlled edicts and all they entail. I suggest you study the history of East Germany. People were trying desperately to flee from East Germany, with few wanting to get into it. By the way, do not trust China. I have been saying this for DECADES! The Chinese government cannot be trusted, and I believe that companies and private individuals who do business with China cannot be trusted either. In all actuality, we are already at war with China. We need to confiscate all Chinese assets in the USA, now. We need to imprison traitors who are in cahoots with China here in the USA. Some with “inside information” are saying we may be in a physical [HOT] war with China and Russia by the end of this year.

These misguided demons who are paid for by the likes of George and Alexander Soros, et al, want to deep six our Freedom, Honor and the Rule of Law, not to mention trashing our US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Freedom of Religion, Right to Protect ourselves, and to pursue our happiness.

Yes, these radicals want to impose a form of the Inquisition upon us, and by all that is Good, I KNOW the INQUISITION. I am WELL VERSED in what it wrought!

Fellow Americans, you do not want what these nefarious worms are attempting to illegally subject you to by ‘hook or by crook’. You are not being informed, and it is much later that you realize.

We must FIGHT them with the Rule of Law and our Constitution, and if needs be, our God given abilities and assurances. We must take back our God given powers!

We are, and remain a mostly Christian nation. It’s time we started acting like one!

In explanation, the Spanish Inquisition emanated from the Roman Catholic Church in 1478 A.D., as well as other inquisitions begun 300+ years before that date. At their inceptions, they were little more than conduits for pure and simple coveting and greed. We all know the history, but fortunately, there are no longer any Inquisitions. The Vatican apologized for those times. Although it was begun by the Church, it was NOT SANCTIONED by God Almighty. . .the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

If you thieving destructive Marxists don’t like our country, its Constitution, Bill of Rights, moral ethics, history, Rule of Law, multicultural races, and our worship of God and Jesus Christ, then LEAVE!!! LEAVE!!! We do not need, nor do we want snake–oiled forked tongued communists, Marxists, and slimy slithering creeps here. We will not abide Traitors who are committing TREASON against our Republic! You are nothing more than pawns of the Devil! Seriously! George Soros, who funds Antifa [among other questionable organizations], and demonic people throughout this country and worldwide, is a well known Satanist! No doubt his son, Alexander is, too. The fruits of Soros’s labors and those politicians and District Attorneys he supports monetarily, have been exposed in Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Chicago, IL, and New York City, NY, to name a few. Definitely, his work is that of the Devil! Apparently, they are now training snipers. It would not surprise me if some liberal and well known officials or politicians get assassinated near the 2020 election in order to cull some sympathy and votes. Those who sacrifice and eat babies will certainly sacrifice their own to move their agenda.

Do you want to know how close we now are to revolution/civil war? The removal of all dissenting conservative voices from social medias is a good clue, and a precursor to what is coming to the rest of us. The very fact that mayors and governors in the states where all these riots are taking place do not imprison thugs is a good indication that they are certain that word has been given of a communist takeover. These traitors believe they will play an important part in the “new government". Actually, they will be the first to be shot. In fact, not only are these traitorous officials not imprisoning wrong doers, they are deliberately releasing hardened criminals onto the good people of their cities and states! Those who committed Treason in Washington, D.C. via the “Obamagate” fiasco are not being arrested or prosecuted even with all the evidence provided. Why is that? Because they know they can’t be “touched”. Ironic since a lot of them are pedophiles.

Humans should watch the 2004 reboot of the television show, “Battlestar Galactica”. Pay special attention to the war between humans and the cybernetic Cylons.

Friends, always be mindful of Ephesians 6:12 from the BIBLE. We really do wrestle with ‘unseen evil spirits’. Satan is real! Never doubt it. Of course, those lost souls doing these riots will never know because they burn the BIBLE along with the USA flag. I never trust those who burn books, especially the BIBLE.

In conclusion, God’s Grace has given; me [like many others] certain “skills” to fight these ‘unseen dastardly spirits’ from the Dark Side currently being called forth thru StarGates and Portals by our sworn enemies, Satan/Lucifer and his minions. We have the “skills” to send them back/dissolve them. We are putting them on notice now to CEASE and DESIST!!! This is not the time. Continue at your PERIL!!! Otherwise, you, foul, evil, smelly and disgusting demons will have awakened, not a dragon, but a Force so powerful, unflinching, and omnipotent, that it will permanently DESTROY you and the EVIL you rode in on!

I pray those with a more eloquent tongue than mine take the meaning/gist of my words and explain this to others.

“JEDI KNIGHTS”, you know who you are, if you are ready to fight this Evil, gird yourselves with the armor of God. Prepare yourselves and grab your LIGHTSABERS. It’s time.

Veritas vos liberabit!

No doubt this will be removed by FB [Although they should take care not to.], so I will be placing it on one of my personal websites and

Well, Facebook [curses on them] would not let me post this. FOOLS! To Hell with them! Guess they are already on their way.


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MARCH 2015

Wild about movie called: "Mortal Instruments~~City of Bones". Hope they make the next one in the book series. Also, mad about: "Outlander" on STARZ.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2013

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We have since added another puppy to our family. Her name is, Sister Mary Magdalena, but we call her, Maggie. We are crazy for our puppies!

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The printing was already in process when the error was realized. These have been corrected on the pages where they appear in this website.

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Thinking Of You
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This picture was taken at Cape Chamonix Wine Farm, Franschhoek, near Cape Town, Republic of South Africa. The beauty of this place is beyond description!

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